Metal Expansion Joints and Expansion Bellows
Understanding Metal Expansion Joints and Expansion Bellows

                  In Pipeline systems, such as the ones in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Power, Glass, Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas, and Steel Industries, expansion and contraction of metal takes place, with variations in temperature. With this expansion and contraction of metal, there is variations in movement of the individual sections of the pipes.

                  If the movement cannot be absorbed by the piping system, then metal expansion joints are used to compensate the movements that occur. Apart from the thermal movement, other applications such as vibrations and noise in pumps, compensators, turbines, motors and vessels is also compensated by using metal expansion joints.

                  Depending upon the nature of movement that needs to be compensated ( axial, lateral or angular ), expansion joints are designed. Ocelflex’s Metal Expansion Joints are designed to absorb the movement, as well as withstand other operating conditions such as temperature, pressure and the inner media. Our design is in accordance with international standards such as E.J.M.A. and A.S.M.E..

                  Ocelflex Industries is a globally recognised manufacturer of metal expansion joints and expansion bellows. We design metal expansion joints as per international standards such as EJMA, ASME to absorb and compensate for thermal movement ( expansion and contraction) be it angular, lateral or axial, and to withstand design pressure and temperature.

                  Ocelflex’s Metal Expansion Bellows are also used to absorb equipment vibrations or relative movements in pipelines and containers. Ocelflex manufactures metallic expansion joints using single, two ply or multi ply metal expansion bellows, in size ranging from 40 NB to 5000 NB ( 1.5 inch to 200 inch Inner diameter ). We use superior quality material to manufacture expansion bellows, thus making our metallic expansion joints more reliable. Some of our supplied Metal Expansion Bellows to our clients have been in use for many years.

                  Our Metal Bellows and Expansion Joints design specifications and calculations are in accordance with the latest editions of the EJMA, ANSI, ASME standards and are made using software packages calibrated and approved to obtain more precise results.

                  Ocelflex Industries can design and manufacture metal expansion joints from a wide range of material choice, with standard end connectors such as fixed flanges or loose flanges, van-stone ends, weldable pipe end or threaded pipe end, or any other custom made end assemblies. Bellows material include stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, mild steel and aluminium.
Types of Metal Expansion Joints / Expansion Bellows

                   Depending upon the nature of movement, and upon the piping system where the expansion joint has to be installed, there are different types of Metal Expansion Joints. Review the metal expansion joints below to choose the optimal design for your applications :

Understanding Expansion Joints Terminology & Definitions
                   Many parameters are to be considered to design an expansion joint. To understand these and other expansion joint terminology, refer the below links.
                   Depending upon your application and requirement, you can fill out the metal expansion joint specification sheet for us to understand your enquiry, and based on our experience we shall quote the most suitable metal expansion joint for your application, at the most competitive rates. In case you already have a sample, and would like us to manufacture a similar product, then you can send us the photographs, dimensions and/or drawings.