Automotive Exhaust Flexible Connector.

Automotive Exhaust Flexible Connector.


Exhaust Flexible Element / Manifold Bellows or Exhaust Flexible Connectors are used in automobiles, as a leak free connection in between the engine manifold and silencer / muffler of the exhaust system.

The main purpose of the exhaust flexible element is to absorb vibration and to provide expansion compensation for the exhaust system.

The automotive exhaust system runs at very high temperature and is subjected to an extremely corrosive environment. In order to resist such high temperatures and corrosive environment, at Ocelflex we manufacture the exhaust flexible connector with various types of designs applicable keeping in mind the design parameters necessary and according to your requirement and cost.

Why choose Ocelflex Exhaust flexible elements over other manufacturers?

  • We offer both hydraullically and mechanically formed corrugations along with multi-ply design for longer cycle life and greater noise absorbtion.
  • All our exhaust joints are manufactured using automated forming machines for precision and quality.
  • We can customize the exhaust flexible tubing design to the needs of our clients.
  • Our automotive exhaust flexible elements are treated as substitute for OEM replacement, as they are capable of delivering long lasting, economical and effective solutions.

Exhaust Flexible Tubing

Stainless Steel Braided Exhaust Flexible Pipe

It is important to note that incase of petrol engines, these are used around the rear silencer whereas incase of Diesel engines, these are used after the catalytic convertor.

We have manufactured thousands of automotive flex pipes based on OEM and client customised designs to ensure life-long durability. The exhaust connector provides a leak-free connection, great flexiblity, ability to absorb engine motions and a noise free exhaust system.

Designed with relatively thin single or twin ply stainless steel sheets to produce maximum flexibility with longer cycle life. It’s the most basic form of an exhaust flexible pipe, with Stainless Steel wire braid for outer protection and movement limitation to avoid deformation.


Inner Diameter ranges from 1 1/4 inch to 3 inch.
Lengths are manufactured upto 400 mm, depending upon the diameter. Manufactured in single and multiply designs.


Suitable for maximum temperature of upto 800 ℃.

Working Pressure

Depending upon the diameter, exhaust flexible connector can withstand upto 16 bar.


Inner Flexible Element is manufactured using Stainless Steel 304L.
Outer Wire Braid is manufactured in Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 304L, Stainless Steel 316.

Technical Details

Use the below links to download the datasheets

  • Sheet Code
  • Technical Datasheet
  • Catalogue
  • Installation Instruction

Types of Lining

General purpose Exhaust flexible connector is manufactured with a single outer stainless steel wire braid only. However certain application require exhaust flexible pipes be lined with an internal wire braid or internal interlock lining.

  •   Series - OC100M & OC400H

    Exhaust Flexible Pipe with Inner Wire Braid

The internal metal braid reduces the noise and dissipates the heat, as a result of which such a design is more suitable in exhaust systems where the temperature and noise levels are much higher.
Apart from this, the internal and external braid together prevents excessive movement, which can cause wear and tear and reduce the life of the exhaust flexible pipe. The internal braid acts as a protective layer, separating the inner thin metal bellow from the corrosive exhaust gases.

  •   Series - OC300M & OC300H

    Exhaust Flexible Pipe with Inner Flex Lining

The interlock or strip wound hose lining acts as an internal sleeve, which protects the inner exhaust flexible bellow element and provides the required expansion / contraction, without any risk of deformation. Design should consider the required air space in between the bellow inner diameter and Interlock Hose.
Such a rigid lining also prevents the corrosive exhaust gases from damaging the metal flexible bellow. It also reduces the noise and whistling effect produced by the exhaust gas transfer.

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Exhaust Flex Connectors

With an extensive range of end fittings used internationally, we can manufacture exhaust flexible elements depending upon the part number of the OEM or a drawing of the customised exhaust flexible connector based on your requirement.
If you already have a sample or a drawing, and would like us to quote you the rates then please fill our specification sheet. Most commonly used exhaust joints are mentioned below :