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Who we are

Ocelflex is an internationally recognised manufacturer of Flexible Hoses, Expansion Joints and Bellows. Located just a few miles from the sea port and air port of India's busiest commercial hub Mumbai.

Ocelflex' first manufacturing unit was founded in 1989, and ever since we have developed a strong technical base and operational excellence, enabling us to deliver quality products exceeding international standards. Do you know why our customers trust us?

  • We are an ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) certified company audited by Bureau Vertias, with design in scope.
  • We are currently exporting to 48+ countries worldwide. Additionally, we have successfully managed to maintain long term relationship with clients who have been with us since our inception.
  • We manufacture Metal Hoses and Expansion Joints in our own factories with our main emphasis on zero-defect at all stages of inward inspection, production and testing.
  • Our engineers are professionally trained and qualified to both design and manufacture hoses and expansion joints specifically for your application per international standard such as ASME, EJMA and ISO.
delivering excellence & consistency.


Ocelflex endeavours to satisfy and provide value to it’s customer by manufacturing reliable and quality products, by exceeding industry standards and implementing latest technology along with strict quality assurance protocols to maintain global recognition; while meeting all stakeholder objectives.


To ensure sustainable growth and professional excellence using process-driven approaches, cost competitiveness and eco-friendly solutions.
To remain flexible to customer needs, deliver optimal solutions and adapt to the changing business environment.

Flexible solutions for you

We pride ourselves on providing flexible solutions to all your industrial media conveyance needs. With 35+ years of experience in providing flexible solutions to industries worldwide, we offer a wide range of options suitable for your applications :

Flexible Metal Hoses

Ocelflex manufactures highly flexible stainless steel hoses for sizes ranging from 1/4" to 18" Inner Diameter, and lengths varying from 10 mtrs to 100 mtrs. Our metal hose design not only assures higher pressure rating, but also guarantees high cycle life. All our metal hoses conform to ISO 10380 international standards.

Flexible PTFE Hoses

Our capability to provide a wide range of PTFE Hoses, distinguishes us from other competitors in the market. With in-house capabilities of design, manufacturing, assembling and testing we are able to supply our clients with PTFE Hose and assemblies more quickly and on time.

Flexible Composite Hoses

Composite hoses are most commonly used in the transfer of chemicals, loading and unloading of fuel, high temperature media conveyance and cryogenic applications. We manufacture composite hoses for upto 10" Inner Diameter and for lengths upto 20 meters, depending upon the size. At Ocelflex, we manufacture composite hoses in strict accordance with internationally accepted EN13765 and EN1766 standards.

Metal Expansion Joints & Bellows

Since our very inception, we have been designing, fabricating, approving Expansion Joints as per customer applications and specifications. Conforming to international standards such as E.J.M.A. and A.S.M.E. for designing and fabricating Metallic Expansion Bellows, ranging from sizes 2" to 48", we are able to manufacture high quality expansion bellows at competitive rates.

Rubber & PTFE Expansion Joints & Bellows

Ocelflex offers both single and double arch standard and heavy duty rubber expansion joints. We offer rubber expansion joints in Neoprene, EPDM and Nitrile elastomers with nylon cord reinforcement.

Our PTFE Expansion Joints are made from synthetic Polytetrafluoroethylene, suitable for compensation of expanison and contraction, tension reduction and absorbtion of minor noise and vibration.

Automotive Exhaust Flexible Connectors

Being able to provide various types of flexing solutions to auto-mobile applications, Ocelflex offers Stainless Steel Exhaust Flexible Joint with Outer Braid, and Inner Braid or Inner Interlock lining. Our designs help reduce noise and improve the life of the automotive engine. We are capable to design, manufacture and test Exhaust Flexible Joint of sizes ranging from 1.5" to 3" Inner diameter, and lengths from 4" to 16".

Quality assurance & inspection

We are an ISO 9001 : 2008 QMS Certified Company, under United Kingdom Accreditation System ( UKAS ), inspected by Bureau Veritas and certified with design in scope.

Trained Quality personnel monitor all production processes, and ensure that the final product meet International Standards or your custom specifications. Improving quality and achieving International standards regularly is our constant focus, which consequently results in customer satisfaction. This means that in order to provide the best quality products, we focus our efforts on all areas, be it inward raw material inspection, Production at various stages, testing, finishing, and packing the final product.

We understand our responsibility does not end there, and so we see to it that we provide after sales service and support, and use your feedback to improve ourselves for a long and lasting relationship.

Italian Trulli

All our products are 100% leak tested, and re-inspected as per design standards before dispatch from our factory.

Our Metal hose standard conform to BS 6501 : Part 1 : 1991 / ISO 10380. Metal hose assemblies undergo testing at various levels of production, and so guarantee high performance and longer life quality.

Expansion Joints are designed as per International Standards such as E.J.M.A. and A.N.S.I., so that our products are capable of providing maximum performance with maximum safety.

Using Du Pont's Teflon & GFL's graded P.T.F.E. resins in most of our PTFE Hose products, assures optimum quality during usage and ensures almost infinite store life. With our inhouse PTFE flared fitting manufacturing capabilities, we are able to supply food grade PTFE products, which can be used by Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Beverages and other food related industries.

Ocelflex's designed and engineered Exhaust Flexible Joint for Automobiles provide results similar to OEM's, with even better life cycles as compared to a few. We are dedicated to providing superior quality Automotive Exhaust Flexible Pipe, using standardised raw material for our production, so as to provide maximum flexibility, more effectiveness and longer life. While offering superior designed and engineered products, we also make sure that it is well finished and polished before dispatch, so that you are satisfied when you receive it.

In this competitive market, we understand that it is very essential to provide superior quality at most competitive rates, and we do just that! So that you return to us every time, satisfied with our Quality standards.